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My Story:

Hi love! I am Mecca Fowler, owner, and founder of Pressologie. As an avid lover of the upkeep of my nails, I can recall being the girl always heading to my local nail salon for the routine fill-in for years- that was before I discovered the glow-up of press-ons!

After noting the evolution of such a convenient way to do nails for the average girl-on the go like myself, I ditched the shop and began to pick up press-ons from local retailer stores. But I quickly realized that none of the designs really spoke to who I am as a person. I’ve never been one to shy away from expressing myself and I refused to let this begin with my nails. The underwhelming variety of store-brand press-ons pushed me to put my creative juices to the test and I began to create my own sets right from the comfort of my home.

Now, I wasn’t creating just your average nails- I wanted them to pop and give me the same feeling that used to overtake me after I’d walk up out of the  nail salon. I fell in love with designing and creating press-ons and people around me began to notice my new accessories as well. Receiving compliments while out and about and from close friends seemed to be all the inspiration that I needed to know and understand that I wasn’t alone when it came to how my nails make up a huge part of my beauty routine. That's when I really got to work and decided that us girls on the go deserve more than what the current press-on nail market has to offer and thus, Pressologie was born.

The perfect nails for women who may be pressed for time when it comes to frequenting the nail salon, but still pressed enough to keep her hands looking in tip-top shape.  

About Pressologie

Pressologie is the premier luxury press-on nail brand for women. We want to make our clients look and feel their best in their custom nail sets. We are setting ourselves apart in the industry by streamlining the nail curation and design process to get your nails to you faster and easier than ever. Our mission is to create salon-quality sets that really speak to your style at an affordable price. We offer a range of styles for everything from sophisticated looks to fun, in your face claws.