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Pink Nebula

Pink Nebula

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Elevate your celestial style with the ethereal beauty of "Pink Nebula" hand-painted press-on nails. Inspired by the mesmerizing hues of distant galaxies, this captivating design blends a dreamy pink base with a celestial cat-eye effect. Each nail is meticulously hand-painted to create a unique celestial pattern, reminiscent of the swirling cosmic wonders of the universe. The soft pink tones evoke a sense of grace, while the celestial cat-eye effect adds an element of mystique. With "Pink Nebula" adorning your fingertips, you'll channel the enchanting energy of the cosmos.

✨ Handmade Reusable Gel Nails

Shape in photo: Bellerina
Length: Medium

This style is currently unavailable.

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How do I figure out my nail size?

Determining your nail size is a breeze! Our sizing guide will help you find the perfect fit. Simply compare your natural nail size with our provided options, and you'll find the ideal match for a comfortable and secure fit.

What comes with the nails?

Each order comes with a tool kit with everything you need for a flawless application, including adhesive gel tabs, a nail filer, alcohol wipes, a wooden stick, and a premium quality nail storage case. You'll effortlessly achieve salon-worthy results in no time! Plus, our durable storage case ensures that your press-on nails stay clean and ready for reuse.

Will using press-on nails harm my natural nails?

When used correctly and handled with care, our press-on nails pose no harm to your natural nails. By following the provided instructions and treating the nails gently, you can enjoy beautiful, hassle-free nails without any damage or harm to your natural nails.

How long can I expect these nails to stay on?

Our press-on nails can be applied with adhesive gel tabs, nail glue, or UV-cured gels. We recommend using adhesive gel tabs as they are the least harmful and most sustainable method, and they can last up to a week with proper care and maintenance. The duration may vary depending on your daily activities and nail care routine. To maximize longevity, we suggest minimizing exposure to water, wearing gloves for household chores, and following the nail care tips provided in the instruction guide.

Are press-on nails customizable?

Absolutely! Our press-on nails are a perfect canvas for your creativity. You can easily customize them by painting, adding nail art, or applying decals. Let your imagination run wild and create unique designs that reflect your personal style. Express yourself and make your nails truly one-of-a-kind with our versatile press-on nails. You can also clip and file the nails to achieve an even more precise fit.